What I never know is how my words are going to affect someone. I was on two panels Saturday – It was a writer’s workshop given by Sisters-in-Crime, New England on the paths to publication. A great group of writers, very supportive. Luckily, I sat near Jessie Crockett who is lovely and funny and put me at ease.

I always feel oafish at these things. I think it’s me reverting to my introverted nature. I taught myself to act like an extrovert when I was in my twenties, but that doesn’t really make me one and I’m very awkward in social situations where I don’t really KNOW anyone. I did know people, I just don’t yet KNOW them. I kind of felt like an elephant but Jessie and Arlene seemed happy to see me and that helped.

Anyway, the point of this: I was on two panels and during one panel my take way speech devolved into a monologue on how there is no shame in the path you choose, who your audience is or what you write. And we are hard enough on ourselves so not to let anyone else shame you into thinking you are wrong.

It was a fine thing to say, but maybe not appropriate to the circumstances. *sigh*

But afterward two separate people approached me and said they appreciated what I had to say. So it must be that sometimes you can reach people even when you’re off topic.

Try not to be too hard on yourself, and I’ll give myself a pass on this one too.

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Kat March 31, 2014 at 3:20 pm

I think it’s okay to be “off topic” as sometimes we don’t know who we are touching. Thanks for being you, and I too needed to hear this today.


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