It’s just life is kicking my ass. It’s getting better. I’m acclimatizing to the hour commute each way and the intense nature of my employment. It’s just that there don’t seem to be any spare moments and those I do find I try to spend writing.

But I’m starting to work it out. I’m going to try out a voice recorder on the way to work. Instead of listening to stories I’ll be writing them. Of course then I’ll have to transcribe. (Does anybody know of good voice recognition software that could transpose my recordings to text?)

Meanwhile here are some lovely pictures of my handsome sons and their dates to the prom last night.


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Sue Schlabach May 5, 2014 at 10:05 am

Love the pictures. Dashing, indeed!

Miss you, and I too have barely blogged in 2014 while life kicks my ass with work, kid, horse, etc. Would love to hear more about your job. Is it really an hour to get there??? Dang!!

I have used Dragon Dictation on my phone: you talk and it writes. You need to reread it to catch oooopses, but it’s rather great. Give it a shot. xo S


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