In relation to this post of a couple of days ago, what I forgot to tell you was why I needed to replace the door in the first place. And it has to do with hinges and why I want a slider…



If you look closely you will see that there is a curtain hanging where the door should be. This is because during a thunder storm last summer my beagle:

deskunked zoe


locked herself in the bathroom and destroyed the door trying to get out. Had this been a sliding door she wouldn’t have been able to close the door in the first place and I wouldn’t be having this problem. Yes, this is zoey, climber of trees, eater of doors. She is why I’m thinking I need to move the cubbies and put a slider on that doorway.

Ideas about how to keep a mid-sized dog from eating my house when thunder happens when I’m not at home? We already crate her a good deal of the time, but accidents can happen. Bathrooms and porches can be destroyed.

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