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By Wanda Worstwagger
Advice columnist (sort of)





Dear Wanda:

My best friend is planning a wedding for the Fall and asked me to be her maid of honor. I’m thrilled except for one or two small details. First, she’s not engaged. Second, her family doesn’t know. Her live-in boyfriend is on board, thank God, or I’d have to tell her that without a groom it’s unlikely to be a successful wedding.

The groom tells me the reason he hasn’t proposed is that his capital is all tied up in pigs. Or was that pig futures? Pork? I can’t really remember, but he doesn’t feel like he can propose until his finances are untied. However, he’s happy to get married when the time comes.

So what do I do? Should I just go along with it and assume everything is going to work out? That her family won’t have planned a vacation in Tahiti and will be able to attend?


Confused Bride’s Maid


Dear Confused:

I guess it depends on how much you trust your friend. Is she the kind that will pull this off, or is she delusional?

My first instinct is to ask to meet her intended – to check if there really is a guy in the picture, but it sounds as if you’ve got that covered. She didn’t hire an actor  to play her boyfriend did she?

If she’s your best friend so I’d say you have to go along until the day she asks you to sink money into the venture – an expensive dress, a lavish shower, a trip to the Bahamas to get a tan – at that point you’ll have to make a decision. Can you afford to go along with the maybe-a-farce, or if not a farce a-possible-heartache when the plan falls apart? If you’re made of money and enjoy this sort of thing, then jump right in.

But if it were me? I’d insist on an engagement, ring, and family party before I sunk my hard earned cash into this deal.

By the way, How the hell did Boyfriend get his money all tied up in pigs? I’d be asking for explanations if I were you.

Best regards,


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