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By Wanda Worstwagger
Advice columnist (sort of)



Dear Wanda,

I have a dilemma that maybe you can help with.  (So far no one else has been able to do anything for me.)

I have a home-business, and it’s wonderful.  An excellent product, at reasonable prices.  And yet, I have no customers.  No one is buying.  I need to sell in order to pay my bills.  I’d also like to help my kids (one of whom is not working at all), but I can’t do that if I’m not getting paid anything.

Do you, or your readers, have any advice?  Any suggestions on how to promote, with no money?  I’d love to buy ads, but I can barely buy food.

Admiringly Yours,
Under Noticed
Dear Under Noticed,
I am not an expert at marketing and promotion, but I do have some ideas you can try. You don’t have to try and do all of them, use the ones that seem most natural to you, but whatever you choose be as consistent as you can. The way to get more business is to get your name in front of potential clients on a regular basis – at least that’s what the experts tell me.
1) Write a monthly Newsletter. To do this you will have to get permission/emails of people who are interested. Ask my friend Kate George to help you she knows the basics of setting up a newsletter.
2) Blog. I see you are already doing this. A daily reading is a good thing, and your comments about your life are very entertaining, however you may want to consider adding content that will show your audience more of your talents. At the very least you could put a call to action at the end of every post.
3) Facebook. It’s not enough just to have a facebook page. You must post several times a day, and it should be something valuable to your audience.
4) Twitter. Same as facebook. Several times a day and valuable content.
(aside) Did you know you can link your blog to your facebook and twitter accounts so that they automatically tell people when you publish a post.
LinkedIn is another social media site that you can post on, as is Google+.
According to Cobyblogger  (and other experts I read/listen to) the three most important things in marketing yourself are consistency, providing valuable content (this is different for every marketer), and a call to action. That translates into:
1) deciding which platforms you’re going to use and posting regularly
2) make your posts interesting/valuable to your clients
3) While you might not want a call to action in every post, you need to add links to your posts that take your readers to a page with a clear call to action.
It takes time to build an audience this way. You have to be patient. It helps to try different things so you can figure out what gets the best response. An example of content that might benefit your audience would be a short reading… I know you do a in depth reading on your web page, but how about a short reading on Facebook or Twitter:
OK – I’m really bad at this but I’m only doing this to get your creative juices going – “Gemini try to stay focused today” and then a link to your site. If you did each of the zodiac you’d have twelve posts.  And if you put them on Facebook you can set up your account to also post on Twitter and visa versa.  Or “Redheads, today is the day to take the reins.” Obviously I”m not doing so well here. But here’s something “Today’s subversive cross stitch  saying: Well Fuck me.”  Or post a picture a picture of the cross stitch you have done and link to your cross stitch page.
The key is to catch your potential clients’ interest on a regular basis so they see your name on a regular basis and they start thinking about you for what they need.
Some other thoughts for posts:
“Today I helped a man figure out his love life. I can help you too.”
“John B was having trouble focusing until we cleared his chakras.”
I’m sorry, Under Noticed, I’m dealing with constant interruptions here and I can’t stay focused. However if you have questions about specific suggestions please feel free to ask and I’ll do an in depth post on a topic for you.
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Cindy Jones January 30, 2014 at 12:15 am

I don’t think I need help with my love life or my chakras but I still like reading your “advice” here. Ooops, I think I have constant interruptions too . . . got to go. Focus, focus.


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