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By Wanda Worstwagger
Advice columnist (sort of)







Dear Wanda,

This morning my husband asked me to do something as he was walking out the door to work. I asked him why he wasn’t doing it himself and he said because he didn’t feel like it. (Okay so we didn’t use those words exactly, but close enough. There was no swearing or anything.) Then he sniped “Thanks for the help” as he walked out the door.

Wanda, I’m not his assistant and I’ve got plenty of my own stuff to do every day, yet he treats me as if I’m unreasonable when I ask why he doesn’t do his own crap.

To top this off, if I ask him to do something for me he either says yes and then “forgets” to do it, or just ignores me.

Is murder justified in this instance?

Pissed-off Wife


Dear Pissed-off:

I’m not the person to ask if murder is justified. In the eyes of the law – no. Get caught and you’ll go to jail for a very long time.  In my experience threatening divorce can help short term, actually filing for divorce will give you a few months peace from this kind of nonsense, but the only way to make it stop all together is to actually follow through and GET DIVORCED.

Otherwise you’re just going to have to put up with his 1950s patriarchal bullshit. I’m sorry but there it is.

Yours in Sorrow,



Dear Readers,

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Wanda Worstwagger November 20, 2013 at 1:27 pm

Dear readers,

Susanne had this suggestion:

“I think Wanda should suggest pissed off wife and husband consider counseling. One or the other, or even both, might benefit.”

This is true. Marriage counseling is an excellent step. I normally would recommend it as step one. I just happen to know Pissed-off has been through marriage counseling with her husband. It may work for her if they stayed in counseling, maybe forever. But these two people can’t seem to maintain the the changes in the relationship without constant supervision. It’s unfortunate, really.



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