Wednesday Woe with Wanda Worstwagger: Teenaged Angst

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By Wanda Worstwagger
Advice columnist (sort of)





Dear Wanda,

My  son has been dating the same girl for the last nine months but I don’t think the relationship is healthy for him. They fight constantly and he talks about wanting to hurt himself. He’s under the care of a phsycologist and on medication to help keep him from getting suicidal. So we’re doing what we can to help him, but truthfully, ninety percent of his angst has to do with the girl he’s dating.

I suppose I could lay down the law and tell him he may not see her anymore, but I’d rather the decision come from him. Otherwise they’ll just sneak around behind our back and he’ll still have all this emotional turmoil.

What do I do? I just want him to be happy.


Miserable Mom


Dear MMom,

I don’t think you can save your son from himself. You’ve got him in the care of responsible health professionals. He’s on medication. I think the best thing you can do at this point is try to support him the best you can. If you tell him to stop seeing the girl you run the risk of alienating him, and the greater risk of him not confiding in you – which it seems like he does if you know what’s going on between him and his girlfriend.

Support him and be there for him while he’s growing up. I don’t know more than that. Perhaps our readers do.



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Julie April 2, 2014 at 7:26 am

Wanda is right, be the safety net he needs right now. And always. Kids, no matter their ages, require us as parents to be their support system. No matter what. They have to make their own choices, even if we think the options they select are insanely stupid.

Keep telling him that you are here for him, no matter what. (And maybe hint that he deserves better.)


Jude Lamare April 2, 2014 at 1:20 am

It is against nature for teenagers to be happy. They are getting something out of it.


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