Wednesday Woe With Wanda Worstwagger – Frustrated Friend

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By Wanda Worstwagger
Advice columnist (sort of)





Dear Wanda,

I encouraged a friend of mine to start a new venture and helped her with the first few ideas but now she contacts me every week, expecting me to help her again. I figured by this time she’d be able to stand on her own two feet and wouldn’t need me any more. How do I tell her I don’t want to be the one that comes up with ideas week after week? She’s very demanding.


Fretting Friend


Dear Fretting,

Tell your friend to go stuff herself. Just because you encouraged something doesn’t mean you are responsible for it thereafter. Wait. Is that you Samuel Jones? Are you dropping me like a hot rock, Sammy? Curse you! You know I can’t do this without you.

Well fine, if you are going to be that way I’m coming right over there and take back everything I ever gave you. So there. Obviously my friendship is a burden to you. Just wait. Just you wait until you need me someday! Then you’ll see. Huh!

Besides, I am not demanding. I’m the nicest person you’ve ever met and you’d better rethink your approach, Samuel. You just better!

Screw you,



Dear Reader,

Kate here. I told Wanda when she took this column that she had the editorial right to say whatever she wanted. However, I feel I must add that if you want to keep your friends maybe you shouldn’t curse at them in public – as in on the internet. Also it was nice of Samuel to help Wanda get started and probably he should be off the hook now. Just a thought.



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