Thoughts while watching the night sky September 27, 2014

in Entertaining nonsense and profound thought

Thoughts and questions, if the truth be told.  The sun has gone down and yet the sky near the horizon is lighter than the sky directly above me – in all directions! Shouldn’t the east be darker than the west? I’m sure there is an astronomer out there who could tell me why that is. I don’t remember that being the case growing up. Is it an east coast thing? (I’m kidding about that.)

And before you ask, I live in the middle of nowhere Vermont. There are no towns or cities lighting the horizon. In fact this is one of the darkest places I’ve ever been at night. So dark and north that we get the northern lights. Although I’ve only ever seen them light the skies like a hazy white fog. I’ve never seen the really spectacular northern lights. Only in pictures.

I wish I had a camera that would take pictures of the night sky. My digital doesn’t have a setting for night. I have tried but stars just don’t show up. It’s tragic.

The sky was very clear the Milky Way right in the sky above me. I wish my eyes were as sharp as when I was younger. (Although I’ve always been near sighted.) It used to be the sky was sharp through contact lenses – the stars brilliant pin pricks. Now they are all fuzzy. Which is sad, except I’m so very fortunate to be able to see them at all. So not sad.

This is the perfect time of year to watch the sky. The summer is too buggy. The winter can be brilliant, but way too cold to sit for any length of time. We had a frost that killed the worst of the biting bugs, although there are still plenty of mouths around. And I love to see the dark silhouettes of the bats and owls cross my vision while I’m looking at the stars.

Bats are great little mosquito eating creatures. I’m not afraid of them. They are very beneficial. The sad thing is many are dying because of a bat disease. I get quite joyful when I see them. And owls are just fabulous, although I do worry about big ones trying to fly away with Pippin. That would not please me.

It’s strange to think that some of the stars we can see have already gone out. Does that mean I’m seeing ghosts? The ghosts of expired stars. I think that’s right. Ghosts. But what about the stars that are new but we can’t see yet? What are those? Stars, obviously, but what is the opposite of a dead star we can still see. If one is a ghost, what is the other? Potential? Too deep for me…

And then there is all that mystery up in the sky. Are there other beings out there? Is it possible that our little planet is the only one in the entire universe that developed life? I hope not. I hope there are all kinds of life teeming in the sky. And I also hope we don’t discover it until we are way more advanced than we are now. Shoot first and ask questions later doesn’t bode well for future relations with alien cultures. We’re great one on one, but we still have a huge problem with fear and the group mentality. Silly humans. We need to learn to get along with each other before we interact with creatures from the stars.

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