Thoughts on the Antagonist vs. the Protagonist

in Entertaining nonsense and profound thought

I’ve become a little obsessive about the movie Decoy Bride. (Horrible Title. Come ON, people.) What I’m learning in the graduate course I’m taking is that every scene in every story you write is all about the conflict between the antagonist and the protagonist. It’s a dance of cause and effect back and forth between the two.

But here we have this story that I’m obsessed with, that I really love, and the give and take is all messed up. There’s conflict, but it’s not between the antagonist and the protagonist. This story is about Katie. Granted the prologue is about Lara and James wanting to get married, and the paparazzi who keeps crashing the party causing them to find a really remote place to get married. But then we switch to Katie. There is no antagonist pushing back against Katie. Just fate really.

Wait let’s think about this. In the beginning she’s gone Man Vegan, having been dumped by her latest boyfriend. So if that’s her want – to be man free, then the paparazzi meddling in Lara and James plans causes Katie to become involved – and she discovers she likes James. So maybe Lara’s antagonist is also Katie’s antagonist – even though what Lara wants is to get married and what Katie wants is to be free of men. It all changes by the end, of course.

It’s a lovely sweet story, Julie if you’re reading this, I think you’d like it. Very little conflict.

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