Dragan Bershov deals in snakes out of a converted garage in the alley behind his ex-wife’s house.

Wanda (the ex-wife) doesn’t know there are snakes out there. She erected a chain link fence to keep Dragan out of her yard and house, but one of these days she’s going to have a nasty surprise.

Dragan wears his dark hair long and unkempt. He’d like to have dreads, but he’s too lazy to find out how to make his hair do that so mostly it’s a snarled mess. He has a full beard and mustache. He has snakes tattooed all over his body. The tattoos are quite beautiful if you aren’t afraid of snakes. He is a medium height man, not quite six feet but has a chest like a barrel.

Dragan sometimes works in circuses doing the snake handling side show. He only does this when circuses come to town because he can’t travel away from his snakes. His clothes are often dirty and he doesn’t smell very nice.

His favorite food is corn flakes. He is afraid of small dogs. He was offered a lot of money to bring his snakes on an Amazing Race America shoot and he’s very angry about what happens. He plans on meeting up with the idiot who set that up.

So tell me, what have I left out? Do you have any ideas about Dragan?

For inspiration you can go to my Dragan Bershov Pinterest Board.

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Julie January 4, 2015 at 3:56 am

Mmmm, does he have to smell bad and not be super driven just because he’s a snake guy? I adore snakes, and have one tattooed on my left arm, so it’s difficult when we “enthusiasts” are often portrayed as the bad guys.

(Some of those Pinterest reptile ink images that you tweeted earlier were stunningly gorgeous.)


Kate January 4, 2015 at 10:50 pm

He’s actually a good guy, Julie, and in the context of the story being able to go with the flow is a good thing. I suppose I could make him Clean cut and an astute businessman, but part of his interest are the contradictions in his personality. Dragan is an extremely honorable man, but he doesn’t have a shower. He’s scary looking but would save your life in a minute. Okay so now he sounds like a stereotype of a different kind.

So I’m wiping his slate clean. He keeps his name, his beard, his snakes, his tattoos. What other attributes would you give him?


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