Firstly let me say that it was totally worth it. I loved RomCon with a passion that cannot be described. I’ve rarely had so much fun, never at a convention. I met fans, new readers, authors and a couple of cyber friends. Toni, my head BB, rocked. She and her good friend Cindy picked me up at the airport, showed me Littleton, Castle Rock (which is named for this), and some lesser known parts of Colorado Springs, before bringing me to the hotel.  The three of us had a blast. Thanks so much Toni and Cindy. (And it was Toni who convinced me to attend RomCon to begin with. I owe her a lot.)

Also Toni gave me a copy of her very important non-fiction book on water resources. She is one smart cookie, that Toni.

It was after Toni dropped me off at the airport to come home that the saga began. The plane that was supposed to pick me up was late. It had a fuel leak earlier in the day that had to be fixed. The replacement plane took two hours to show up, so the pilot told us. Then there was thunder and lightning at the Denver airport. Planes were going to Colorado Springs, Albuquerque, I forget where all, to get refuelled after circling and circling and circling. My plane was supposed to depart at 5:40 pm. It didn’t arrive at the gate till near 11:00 pm. We took off at 11:45 pm and landed at around 6 am.

The plane was packed and hot and I was sitting with two rather large men. I slept maybe an hour of the trip.

I had planned to get a hotel and sleep for a couple of hours before attempting the trip home. (two hour drive from the airport.) But it was bright and sunny and I didn’t want to pay $100 for the privilege to toss and turn and not be able to sleep. So I drove to McDonalds where the frappe machine was being cleaned. (By the way, if you are ever in the C terminal of Denver and looking for something that tastes chocolatey and yummy don’t go to the coffee place there. Yuck. Wasted five bucks and threw it away.)

I don’t drink normal coffee so I got a diet coke and a breakfast sandwich and started the drive home. I got maybe an hour into the drive before I had to stop and take a nap at a rest area. I don’t really even remember which rest area that was. That’s scary.

Then another half hour later I stopped at a weigh station 40 minutes from home. That was in Lebanon, NH. Then 20 minutes from home I stopped and slept another half hour. My two hour drive turned into a four hour drive but I got home safely and that’s all that counts.

In case you are wondering I slept most of that day, on and off.

I woke up today with a hell of a head cold. Who’s surprised? Not me.

Here are some pictures of things I found at home when I finally came out of my coma.

This is our grape vine/bramble patch. We never have grapes. We sometimes have black raspberries.

111_8687This is what was hidden in the middle of the bramble patch:

111_8685Pretty, huh? I think it might be a wild rose, but I can’t really tell.

This is the Sumac that got hit by lightning. Too bad lightning didn’t hit them all. They are invasive suckers. If you look closely you can see scorch marks just at the bend.

111_8683The rest of the things where mostly just pretty. One of my peonies bloomed. I’m happy I didn’t miss it. Oh and one was what used to be a plant with gorgeous purple folliage and lots of pink flowers. No one thought to water the plants while I was away. But mostly things grew and prospered while I was in Denver.



111_8681 111_8680 111_8679

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Julie June 27, 2013 at 6:12 am

Glad you arrived safely, and really glad you had such a wonderful time!


Judy, Judy, Judy June 26, 2013 at 12:52 pm

I had a trip to visit my parents when I lived in Albuquerque that was just like that. By the time I hit Memphis (and btw Memphis is really out of the way) I’m pretty sure I had sunstroke from the sunroof.

Glad you made it home safely and to such beauty.


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