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What you may not know is that as part of my day job I put out a weekly newsletter. Granted I don’t have to write all of the articles for said newsletter, but I do have to nag other people to write them, which is much the same thing – as I do all my nagging via email and that is a lot of words. It happens every week, and a newsletter is produced and everyone is happy.

As is turns out, not everyone IS happy. Quite a few people are unhappy for various reasons, such as I missed the email they sent me that included their important information that must go in the newsletter. That happens because if the email subject doesn’t indicate that there is an item for the newsletter attached to the email, and I’m working on the Newsletter, I ignore everything else.

That ability to ignore the bombs exploding around me is the reason the Newsletter actually gets done. Every Week. And if everyone is not 100% happy, that’s okay, because it go done.

Now let us slide to the left a little. Here we are in my life as a writer. I also want to get a newsletter out. I have a significant number of people on my email list now* and I want to send them a newsletter. I’ve been working on this project for MONTHS. I think I started before Thanksgiving. I have three things I want to say, and maybe some links and that’s it. But can I get in finished? No.

Fucking Instant Gratification Monkey.


*It’s surprising really, one day I had 49 people and the **next I had 659 people. I think it must be a mistake. They must have been trying to join someone else’s newsletter and got me by mistake.

** It might not actually have been the next DAY. It was possibly the next month, or maybe the next six months, but you get my point.

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