The Happiness Project in Action

in Entertaining nonsense and profound thought

So if you look here you’ll see my first post about remembering to be happy. Or something like that.

Well I’m researching images for new covers for my books. Something that gives more of a clue that they are humourous. In doing that I came across a bunch of images by Isselee on Dreams times. Wonderful, wonderful animals that make me happy to look at.  Go here to get some happy.

Go here to buy the books that make me think of those images!

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Julie January 19, 2014 at 7:02 am

I got behind. Again. And missed the tattoo post.

Me! With all this ink! Anyhoo, I’m all caught up now.

I now know what I want as my 5th Sacred Thing. (Eventually.) I have most of the other four elements (I’ll never be completely done). But now I know that some portion of that Fifth piece will be memorials for those who have gone on before me.

Part of the plan is to incorporate signatures, or words in the person’s own handwriting. Maybe you could do something similar? Did your grandmother ever send you cards for holidays or birthdays? If you still have some you could find an artist who might be able to work something up that you love enough to keep with you always.


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