The First Bad Advice from Bitchy Bertha of 2015

in Bitchy Bertha

Dear Bitchy Bertha,

My adult daughter picks on my teen-aged daughter, and my teen-aged daughter reacts to that in ways that make the adult daughter even worse.  They are at it constantly and it makes the house impossible to live in.

The adult daughter will be with us for several more months. How am I going to survive this?

Stressed Out Mom


Dear Stressed,

So what’s the deal here? You are the parent, right? Tell the girls to lay off each other. Tell the adult daughter toshut up or find some other place to live, and tell the teen to get over herself or lose her electronics. Isn’t that the punishment of choice these days – to loose the phone or ipod?

It’s your house so take control of your feuding daughters.

Good Luck,


Bitchy Bertha


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