The Consequences of Misbehaving

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It is a sorry tale. I thought I was so smart tearing down the old kitchen ceiling while my husband and kids were away on a college search mission. I hated that ceiling with a passion. But still, I have lived to regret my impulsiveness. Pictures at the end for those who like visuals.

The first three days went well. I spent a couple of hours each evening after work tearing out the old ceiling and cleaning up the GIGANTIC mess that resulted. I’d pry and pull and rip with glee until I’d almost reached the point where I might drop a hammer on my head and then I’d stop and make the place livable for getting ready for work the next day. My plan was to deconstruct Tuesday through Friday and replace the ceiling Saturday and Sunday. And other than the wood under the panels that now looked like slats but were probably once sheets of wood and were a PAIN to get down, things went okay.

On Friday I had two set backs.

1) It looked as though I was going to have to take down the kitchen cabinets (there are only 4) to get the rest of the ceiling down. I just couldn’t pry the remaining bits of slats and panel out.

2) My neighbor looked at the wiring and about had a hard attack. That was going to have to go. (I discovered later that the proper tripping mechanism for the fuse box would take care of that without having to replace the wiring. And now that I think of it, we may already have those doohickeys in the fuse box.) My neighbor cut the offending wire (after the appropriate fuse was turned off,) and capped it off.

On Saturday I had a larger set back:

The family decided it was going to come home a day early.

Panic ensued. Neighbors came to help. Thank Goodness for Steven, Ryan and Joe. They came to my aid. I would say they rescued me, but that’s not very PC these days, and also implies I couldn’t have gotten myself out of the hole I dug myself into. I could, just not as fast. However, even with the power trio in my court we could not get done.  For one thing – rewiring. For another it was just a much larger job than I imagined.  Also, they did it their way. Not that I’m complaining, but I would have done it differently. Will less conferring, less framing and less following of the codes! (Not that we have many codes here in Vermont.) If we’d done what I was going to do we may have even finished the job. But as I said, I’m not complaining.

So, due to the messing with wires, we have no light in our kitchen, pantry, downstairs bathroom, and up and down stairs hall lights. We also lost power to the outlets in one of my sons’ rooms. Way on the other side of the house on an upper floor. Why all those things were wired together?  I have no clue. I think a drunken farmer wired our house.  Hopefully, as I write, the electrician is at the house fixing the electricity problem. Then I’m getting two more lights in the kitchen where it’s so dark.  Yay!

Then I can finish the last bit of framing, put some insulation in the ceiling to reduce noise between the up and downstairs’ rooms. Then the new paneling. Not the recycled barn materials I had hoped for, but some nice bead board (or is that beaded board?). So I’m not getting exactly what I want, but it’s going to be higher and brighter and hopefully will add value.

And the beams! I uncovered the most beautiful dirty and soot stained beams. I’ll clean them. They are fab.

Did I mention that a bunch of the lathing or whatever it was under the ceiling was charred? I guess when they had that fire years and years ago they didn’t bother pulling out the burned wood. They just covered it over. I am so glad that stuff is gone from my ceiling. No wonder the house stinks when it’s damp. It’s probably full of burned wood that’s been covered over. Yikes.

Now for those of you that like visuals:  Pictures!

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Kate George May 1, 2015 at 2:25 pm

Here I am commenting on my own post. Hopefully, the comments will be working again and you people will talk to me! And if all this wasn’t enough, A glass bowl fell onto my washing machine today and shattered the glass lid. Ugh. Whatever lesson the universe is trying to teach me, I wish I’d learn it already and move on.


Lori Eggum May 6, 2015 at 9:32 am


Sounds like you are have quite the time. Wish you the Best !!!



Kate May 6, 2015 at 10:22 am

Thanks Lori! I keep reminding myself these are all first world problems. Inconveniences is all.


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