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Is my brain on… on what?  I’m not sure exactly. I’ve been thinking a lot. A lot a lot. (You can credit Shrek for that one I think.) Firstly about Bree. Which is good in that it is making the book better, but also bad because it means more rewriting, which in turn means more time before that sucker comes out. And I’ve got to get Bree out before I can go back to Glimmer Girls which a number of you are clamoring for.  Not that I blame you. It’s a pretty good story.

I’ve also been thinking about climate change and owing the IRS a big chunk of money. What is it about money that lends itself to one crisis after another? Why is there no catching up? I’m not whinging, mind you. I just really want to know.

Here’s the thing about climate change: It’s horrible and beautiful. We have an exhibit up at the Museum at the moment: Water Ways: Tension and Flow.  The images – you know what? Instead of telling you I’ll show you a couple:




James Balog, American, born 1952

Birthday Canyon, Greenland Ice Sheet, from the series Extreme Ice Survey

June 28, 2009

Chromogenic print

Melting Glacier.  Need I say more?

step well




Edward Burtynsky, Canadian, born 1955

Stepwell #2, Panna Meena, Amber, Rajasthan, India,   2010

Digital chromogenic color print.

This is a step well in a community where people used to gather, collect water and swim. The water is being drawn off in other ways now, and it is no longer potable. Although people do still gather there. It’s a cool space. They just no longer collect water or swim.



Daniel Beltrá, Spanish, born 1964

Alter Do Chao, Para (Brasil), from the series Amazon Drought

October 2005
Epson Ultrachrome K3 pigment print on paper

This used to be a lush tropical paradise. Now it’s stranded boats and rotting fish.  I don’t find this image beautiful. But it is a terrible warning.

Now you may chat among yourselves.  Do you believe that the earth’s climate is changing? And if not, why not. And if not, what possible reason could anyone have for lying about it?

I’m opening a can of worms. It’s been that kind of day.

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