The non-novelists among us with have to forgive me. I’m talking about writing again. Specifically, what happened today while I was working on an under-the-sea scene in Glimmer Girls while “watching” the Dr. Who Special they did at the end of season two.

So maybe the whovians among us can relate even if they aren’t writers, or artists of other sorts.

Normally I wouldn’t mix the Dr with writing – that would be a waste of both the writing and the Dr. (David Tennant don’t you know). But this was the special they did about the music of the first two current seasons and I felt pretty comfortable listening to music and writing at the same time. Or at least comfortable enough.

The thing is they use music really well in Dr. Who. Rose has a song, There is the fighting Dr song and so on. The composer uses the music to intensify the emotion of the scene, and I had an epiphany while writing/listening/watching him talk about how he uses the music to enhance the scene. My personal feeling is that he does it really well. Made me want to add soundtracks to my actual books for readers to listen to while reading, it did.

Because it’s about bring the emotion to the scene. Pulling the audience in even more. I began to see the music as more than just a trigger to help me back into the writing of the novel, but also as a way to bring my characters to life. I could see (and hear) how Rose’s theme was used differently in different situations. It was still her, all Rose, but it changed and grew, shifted in feeling, transformed through Rose’s character arc.

I began to see how music could help me make those transformations with my characters. How the music could make me feel what was going on in the scene I was writing on a more visceral level. Really connect with what is going on. Not just see it in my head, but feel it in my heart. Really to be there, all senses, all in. It’s frightening in a way to be that invested in a story, ah but the results, they could be phenomenal.

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Judy, Judy, Judy May 2, 2013 at 10:27 pm

What Delia said. Love this idea.


Delia April 30, 2013 at 10:42 am

Doooo eeeeeettt.


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