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For most authors conference season is in full swing.  Several of the major author focused conferences are still to occur later this summer.  I was fortunate enough to attend RT and RomCon again this year.  As my TBR pile is continuing to take over my house, I think it is probably good that my conference season is over.  I did come home with lots of great books I can’t wait to read.  Here are a few that are moving slowly up my TBR pile.


all day and a nightAlafair Burke’s latest, All Day and a Night brings back Ellie Hatcher.  I’ve been reading Alafair from the beginning and she doesn’t disappoint.





cj lyonsCJ Lyons just published Farewell to Dreams:  A Novel of Fatal Insomnia.  It has a great first line and an amazing cover.  The cover was designed by Toni McGee Causey and totally captures the spirit of the book.  This is the first in the series and I can’t wait to see how CJ keeps it going with a main character who is dying.




deceivedElliTina DeSalvo and Stella Barcelona – Tina just published her first book Elli.  If her books are anything like her personality they are funny, warm, generous, and filled with heart.  Elli deals with breast cancer, a subject Tina is very familiar with.  I can’t wait to have time to dive into this fun looking novel.  Stella is a lawyer by day and brings her legal expertise to Deceived, which seems to bring all the spooky elements of New Orleans’s past into the present.


saturday a kissMichelle Major and Jennie Marts – Michelle writes for Harlequin Special Edition.  A Kiss on Crimson Ranch begins her new series, which debuts in mid-July, and takes place in a small Colorado town.  Definitely a Special Edition, but Michelle brings a fresh twist to the story that made it fun to read.  Jennie writes comedic mystery / romance.  The first book in her Page Turner series, Another Saturday Night and I Ain’t Got Nobody, introduces us to a local book club.  The series then follows the members as they try to find the one; seems as if each finds a mystery to solve along the way.  Her covers are amazing and definitely hint at fun and funny.


murderDavid Morrell’s new historical thriller Murder as a Fine Art promises to be interesting and well researched.  While we know him for his contemporary thrillers, the idea of a Victorian addict as hero, similar to Sherlock Holmes, makes me willing to pick up a historical for a change.




Jude robinDiane J. Reed and Jude Willhoff – Diane writes Breaking Bad type Young Adult.  The first book in the series, Robin in the Hood, deals with a main character who goes from having everything to having nothing and is forced to go on the run and start robbing banks to survive.  I wasn’t sure about this one at first, but the first couple pages are great and I can’t wait to have time to really enjoy it.  Jude writes sweet romance set in Colorado.  The first in the series is No Direction Home.  Her books seem to be all about second chances, a topic which we can all relate.

righteousKerrigan Byrne – A Righteous Kill is the first in her Shakespearean Suspense Series.  Set in Portland, this romantic suspense seems to have all the right elements.  A serial killer, sexy FBI agent, and a victim who refuses to give in.  The few pages I’ve read definitely demonstrate that this book has sparks.




deadThen there is Dead Heat, by Allison Brennan.  I have packed it in two suitcases but didn’t quite manage to get it read.  I’m looking forward to this latest Lucy book.  I can’t wait to meet Kane and see how Lucy and Sean do in San Antonio.


What are you looking forward to reading this summer?

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Cindy Jones July 8, 2014 at 3:55 pm

Okay, so now some of these books moved to the top of my TBR pile also. Thanks for the profiles on these books.


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