I saw this today. I was actually watching another TED talk by Ken Robinson that CJ Lyons pointed me to.  Only it kept stopping so I went to TED and in my search for the rest of the first talk (which was actually the second talk) I found this.

Sir Ken Robinson on Education

It’s brilliant. And I believe it. Because art and writing was educated out of me and I had to fight my way back to it. I probably wasted thirty years of my talent because “You can’t make a living doing that.” I’m not resentful. I understand that I’m a better writer now than I would have been then. But I can’t help but think of the things I could have accomplished, of the stuff I could accomplish now if I had some credibility.

Now I am going to finish watching the second talk. I really do think this guy is brilliant.

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Clever Cherry / Betty April 1, 2011 at 6:01 am

Wow. It was a good talk. “Creativity is as important as literacy.” That is revolutionary thinking.
Aeons ago I could have gone to college right out of high school with a 4 year full ride for journalism. Journalism wasn’t my first choice. Creative writing and poetry were. But I’d been told I couldn’t make a living at that, of course. I chose instead to get married at 17 and have kids and be a housewife. Only one person ever attempted to make me question that choice. And no one told me, you can make it on your own away from home just fine. I bought into the notion that it was a scary world that would hurt me if I went out on my own.
Now I’m writing. But I’m procrastinating. And I’m seriously questioning the effort it would take to get published. And I hate the fact that if I got published I would then have to market my own work for the most part. I am not a good marketer.
I have an alternate idea I am considering. I hope you have time to read my blogpost today, Friday, and comment because I talk about my idea and ask for feedback.
I really worry about the future of public school. And the idea that the limited and wrong thinking here is preparing people for the future is scary.


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