Short Stories

Check back often, I’m writing more.

In London Gardens

A short romance set in London’s Kensington Park and Chelsea Flower Show:

I was in London, photographing Kensington Park, when Ryan’s late night ultimatum finally hit me and I developed an unholy ache in my gut. I decided to ignore the pain, it was just stress after all. When it spread to my heart, I knew I’d I have to deal with it. If I didn’t, I was going to take some really bad photos, and I didn’t want my last international shoot to be crap. If I was going out, I wanted to go with a bang, not with a bunch of maudlin photos influenced by a broken heart.

I knew what the damn pain was about. Having to choose. My life as a photo journalist versus my life with Ryan. The hell of it was I swore I’d never be caught like this, that I’d never give my heart to a man who couldn’t support my career. Only it turns out I had. read more…


The Chinese Fortune Cookie Caper

A madcap caper through Portland, Maine. With dogs:

My mother had two rules when eating out; use basic table manners and never leave through the bathroom window. In her words not only is it rude, but also cowardly. However, my Aunt Zinnia told me that mom got stuck in the bathroom window at The Chinese Fly while ditching Johnny Altman and firemen had to come rescue her. Either way, I’ve never been tempted to take the bathroom window. The back door works fine for me. read more…



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