Shackling My Characters – Literally

in Entertaining nonsense and profound thought

Uncooperative characters.

Bree has been giving me fits. This book is supposed to be more romantic suspense than the other two, but in order to be romantic suspense the protag and her hero have to be solving the problems together. Bree and Hambecker are not cooperating. Not one little bit. I get them in the same place and before I know it they’re off on their own, following their own separate priorities. It’s really annoying.

There should be animosity between them, some great arguments and power struggles. They can’t have those if they won’t stay in the same space together!!! Argh. Well I’ve fixed them good. I handcuffed them together. I suppose this is cheating. If they don’t want to be together I can’t force them, right? But I know if I can only get them on the same page they’ll learn to love each other. It’s all there for them to find.

So I’ve handcuffed them together, but now Hambecker is unconscious. He doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to wake up again, either. So Bree has to drag around his dead weight to get anything done. And when he does wake up he’s going to be mighty unhappy with the bruises he’s picked up while drugged out of his mind. Especially the giant goose egg on his forehead.

I’m worried he’s going to knock her out, and then he’ll be dragging her around but they still won’t be working anything out. It’s a problem. You can’t have romantic suspense if there isn’t any romance.You can’t have romantic comedy if your leads aren’t speaking. And at the moment I have the feeling Hambecker is going to be walking into the sunset on his own at the end. Very problematic.

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