Rewriting a Published Book – with a poll

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I’ve been thinking about rewriting  Moonlighting in Vermont (MIV). I liked it when I wrote it. I was over the moon when it was published. Now I’m wondering if I should revise it. The e-book version which I have control of anyway.

I’ve been thinking about removing the sample chapter to CAS (California Schemin’). According to Bob Mayer e-book readers don’t like seeing that they are 80% through a book and then two chapters later the book ends at 90%  or something like that because there are sample chapters after the story ends. Removing a sample chapter would be an easy thing to do, I just have to get on it. (Sorry, Bob, I couldn’t find the exact blog post.)

But there is this other thing too. My daughter says CAS is much better than MIV. My brother said he enjoyed every page of CAS, which alludes to the fact he didn’t like every page of MIV. Whenever I read aloud from MIV I change things, because the way they are written makes me cringe. But I think lots of authors feel that way about finished books. Of course before the appearance of e-books there wasn’t much we could do about it. Now we can.

So what do you think? Should I spend some time re-writing an already published book?

The benefits, well benefit really – I can only think of one – is that a better written book will more likely result in fans, and people who want to read the other books in the sequel. Also, perhaps I will feel better about the book. Although it’s making me money so I’m not feeling that bad about it.

It’s just that it’s the first in the series. It may well be the first book of mine any reader is introduced to. I want it to be my best work. And at the time, it was. Now I think I can do better. But hopefully as I grow as a writer that could be true of every book. Does it follow I should then revise every book I’ve written? No. I don’t think so.

But I’m sorely tempted to rewrite that first one…  Oh and wait five seconds, there’s sure to be a poll!

And for anyone who thinks paper books are dead – I think not.

George Clooney Reading a REAL book!

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