So, my goal has been to write 1000 a day on the WIP. Every day.  I’m Pretty good on the days I don’t work, but it’s been harder on the days I do work. I’m working on the schedule.

I’m finding that working outside where it’s quiet works best. It’s funny, growing up my mom kicked us out of the house whenever possible. Now, instead of kicking my kids out of the house, I go outside to work. Of course I’m not house cleaning and the laptop makes it possible for me to work out of the house.

Back to the point. Today I’m feeling the need to work with the words I do have. About 40,000 words, many that need to be changed because the story has evolved. So instead of sticking to the 1,000 words I’m going to work on revisions – on the novel and on the short stories (there are two). Then, if I’m still coherent at the end of that I’ll work on the 1,000 words.

And here’s today’s picture of my outdoor office (look on Facebook for a few from the other day):

(Yes, that is an umbrella with a colorful sheet draped over it. I cannot tolerate the sun for more than a few minutes. I’m sure if the neighbors could see me they’d wince. But they can’t so I’m golden. I can sit in my pool chair office – with no pool – all day long without disturbing a soul.)

Oh, those plant pots in the background? Those are the foster dog’s toys. She co-opted them. And yes, before she claimed them as her own, plants were living there.

111_9443 111_9444

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