So, you probably don’t know that I hired a very smart woman (and her cohorts) to give me advice about marketing and my website, compared to other writers in my genre.

The result? I’m failing miserably at doing what a web site should do. And so I must revamp. Make things easy to find. Add buy links. Do a bunch of stuff. Ugh. I’m so not good at this stuff. I’m so not looking forward to doing this I’m actually thinking of hiring someone.

Except my car needs repair. It may have to wait until I repair my car. Driving to my day job is still a requirement.

I would love to have Jenny Crusie’s daughter’s firm do my website, but I’m afraid to ask what that might cost me. Those Women are Brilliant. Just look at and tell me they aren’t. I love that website.

I also like Janet Evanovich’s website. She has contests and games and answers questions. Plus she has Morelli and Ranger. I really like Ranger. I once won bvlgari body gel from Janet Evanovich. And her daughter, Alex, is really cool and lives near us.

I Love the Bloggess too, but more for what she has to say than for anything else about her website. So maybe I shouldn’t model myself after her. Although I really do love her a bunch. She makes me feel normal. That’s hard to do.

What-ever. There will be changes around here. And then I will make Crazy Little Thing Called Dead free for a few days. Just because I can.

So tell me. Do you have a favorite author’s website? What makes it so good?


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Julie February 7, 2013 at 8:29 am

I can’t always say what I LOVE about a website but I never fail to find what I HATE about one. (Although, “hate” is an awfully strong word.)

Change has not always been my friend, but I’m being much more Zen and shit, so ya know, your re-vamp probably won’t kill me. (Right, so this wasn’t really about me, oops.)

Do it when it feels right. And hire someone if that’s more comfortable. Professionals are professionals for a reason. I think, for your books, you totally CAN afford this.


Kate February 7, 2013 at 10:07 am

The change shouldn’t affect you too much, Julie. I still plan on having the blog on the front page, the other stuff is just going to be easier to find.


inkgrrl February 6, 2013 at 4:17 pm

Doode. Right there with you on Jenny’s site. I’d love to have Mollie do my author site as well, but for the time being, it’s all me and very basic. Keep in mind for Evanovich’s site that she’s a full-time writer and has at least one assistant to keep track of and run the peripheral stuffs like contests, etc. So don’t beat yourself up for not having all the bells and whistles yet. You’ll get there!


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