REPLACING ATHLETICS WITH SEX – a guest post by Kathy Lyons

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— or how to burn energy without using your knees — by Kathy Lyons

So a ton of people have asked me if it’s really true. Is it really possible that a woman giving up sports can have a sexual renaissance? Short answer: yes.  Long answer: Hell yeah!

Here’s the backdrop to the question. My heroine in One Night in the Spa was a racquetball athlete most of her life. Suddenly, she’s blown her knees and has to sit on her duff doing nothing while she hopes that a decade worth of wear and tear will magically heal itself so she can go back to the sport.

I know this feeling. I spent two years with that very prayer. I trained and trained and managed to compete in my very first pro tournament. I played for two weeks at that exalted level when my knees called it quits. I hadn’t even finished the paperwork when I was sidelined.

Before you start thinking I spent a hot night in a spa doing scandalous things, let me say…I WISH! I made my heroine’s adjustment more extreme than mine, but the feelings and emotions are quite genuine. Like my heroine, I had had romantic and sexual feelings. (I was even married!) But that was nothing compared to what happened when I suddenly had to sit on my ass for two years. (And yes, I gained weight–40 lbs that I have yet to lose. Btttth!)

Let’s start with Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.  I remember the day I saw Sully with his shirt off. Holy Shit. I had never felt sexual excitement from looking at a man before. I knew how to evaluate a body in terms of performance. I appreciated a well sculpted man but in terms of athletics. I’d think: I know how many squats he had to do to get that trim behind (and brownies he had to turn down!)  I never just stared and went…um, wow. I’d like to bed that man. Never. Until that day, that moment. And believe me, I was in SHOCK.

Suddenly, I started seeing men EVERYWHERE. I mean they’d been there before, but damn, now I was looking and thinking and imagining, and …well, it’s a good thing that I had romance novels around because I started reading them as an outlet. Of course, they weren’t really an outlet because, damn, they just revved the engine even more.

Let me say that my husband enjoyed that time in our life immensely.

Also, as an aside, just like my heroine, I spent that time thinking: is THIS what’s wrong with all those teenagers? I couldn’t sit still, I couldn’t focus, and worse yet–I couldn’t do anything that involved my knees. Thank God sex is usually done lying down. (And yes, I really did think that I was losing my mind.)

So there you go. Delayed puberty absolutely happens. At least a moderate form such as I experienced. Too bad the lust didn’t last forever. At least not at that level. Fortunately, love keeps the attraction strong even without the sudden surge of hormones.

Now it’s your turn. Help me feed the addiction. Who is your hot guy of choice? I’ve attached pictures of some of my favs.


Jade Lee / Kathy Lyons /




Dream Nights with the CEO by Kathy Lyons, May 2013

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Judy, Judy, Judy September 10, 2013 at 5:35 am

Alex O’Laughlin… In fact, I am in mourning, considering wearing all black on Fridays, because they changed Hawaii Five O to Fridays and I work that night. 🙁


Kate September 10, 2013 at 2:31 pm

Oh triple J, that’s tragic! You’ll have to get someone to record it for you!


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