Really Postal Service? Really?

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This is the stuff that makes me understand why people go postal.

Our local post office workers are no longer allowed to take a legally stamped letter and put it in the recipient’s PO box that is three feet from where they are standing. Nor are they allowed to put it in the delivery bin for the mail carrier to deliver. No. Said letter has to be thrown in a bin, shipped to a town in NEW HAMPSHIRE thirty miles away to be scanned and sent back the following day. Do I need to explain to you why this makes me crazy?

Apparently, they are trying to determine if they can close our post office. Meanwhile, they are wasting money and delaying the delivery of our mail. Why not put a scanner in our post office if they want to know how many letters go through there in a day? Oh man, I could really, really go off on this but I think I’d better take a nap instead. I’ve heard going postal is not good for your health.

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Edward May 24, 2016 at 1:48 pm

We live in a much bigger town than you, and our local mail is no longer local, either. It has to make two ferry trips, each way, to Vancouver and back. This is because Vancouver has a fancy mail sorting machine that isn’t getting used enough, because people don’t use the post as much as they used to.


Kate May 24, 2016 at 1:53 pm

And now they will use the mail service even less. I can hand deliver and get it there same day! I just can’t put it in the PO Box.


conniepsaunders May 23, 2016 at 9:31 am

I feel your frustration! I have a friend, who recently went through a round of treatments for cancer. I sent her a card or note each week to cheer her and even though she lives 2 miles from my house, her cards took 2 days, and sometimes 3, to get to her mailbox. They left my house, went to our local post office 4 miles away, on to to the main post office in our county that is 14 miles away and then to Cincinnati, Ohio. These letters traveled approximately 140 miles ONE WAY! Is it any wonder that we don’t always get everything we are supposed to get?


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