You’d think, with the number of cameras we have in this house, finding a cord that tethers the computer to the camera for downloads would be simple. There are at least three of them. It took me all day. Ugh.

I get up at 5:30 am on workdays. On Monday, every two weeks, I have to get out to the garage before 6 am to open it so the garbage guy can take away our trash. There are other solutions: We could leave the the trash cans out all night. Only there are bears, and it’s bad enough picking up the trash the first time. We could leave the garage doors open all night. See the note about bears above, plus raccoons would probably come live in the garage again. Racoons stink. They like to mark everything with their odoriferous urine.

So no. I will continue to run out to the garage pre-dawn to open the door. I should mention that the garage is not nice and close to the house. No. It is a cold run across the yard.

Anyway, it happened to be a most beautiful morning this morning, and now that I’ve finally found the computer cord I will share it with you. Enjoy. Especially enjoy that you did not have to be up to see it in person.










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