Places I’ve Lived

In chronological order:

Sacramento, California – on Marty Way Just around the corner from the Tower Theater.

Auburn, California – the cattle ranch. Twenty minutes outside of town.

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Vancouver, BC, Canada. The West end, down near UBC.

Clay’s Warf, Vancouver, BC. Unfinished Ferro cement boat. There was ice on the inside of the hatch when I woke every morning.

North Vancouver, BC. High on the mountain overlooking the city. Only from Highland Ave we couldn’t see the city. When we moved to Chelsea Crescent we had a lovely view from our windows.

Newcastle, California. I finished high school here.

Back to Chelsea Crescent. A little College

An Apartment in downtown Vancouver.

Back to Chelsea Crescent.

Granada Hills, San Fernando Valley, California. I moved in with my Grandma because I wanted to be a singer.

Bakersfield, California. Don’t ask.

Oildale, California. Really don’t ask.

Catalina Island, California.

Back to Chelsea Crescent.

The next part is fuzzy in my brain. Sacramento, mostly, although I lived lots of different places.

Davis, California. (I went to UC Davis.)

South Royalton, Vermont (the first time)

Santa Cruz, CA

Barnard, Vermont

South Royalton Vermont.

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