Patience and Gardening

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A few years back I dug up a Lilac shoot from Sara’s garden. Sara is one of my two best friends. She makes funky jewelry (funky as in modern, beautiful and original – not as in “smells bad,”) She is also raising five children, works in the school library and as a Start for the Arts teacher for preschools.  This woman has far more energy than I do! Sara is also responsible for my current addiction – binge watching Pushing Daisies, a show she introduced me to a few years back when we were vacationing together on the cape. If the fourth Bree doesn’t get done as soon as you’d like, blame Sara. (Only don’t, because #4 really should have been done long before we got the ability to stream movies and ancient TV shows.) Anyway, back to the Lilac: I dug it up at least three years ago, maybe four, and I was beginning to despair of it ever blooming when last year it gave me two little flowers.  Yay! I was very happy.

Imagine how delighted I am this year to see this:











You remember last winter when I made a glass birdbath out of old vases, a pot lid, a platter, a cruet and a glass bowl?  Well I’ve had mixed results. I added to the planting this year and the little garden around the bottom is coming along nicely, but the platter and the bowl shattered in the winter and if the sculpture is going to remain a bird bath it will have to be repaired.










I’d appreciate it if you’d ignore the two foot high weeds in the background.  I wasn’t able to do much gardening last summer due to my gimpy leg and now I’m battling two years worth of weeds. With any luck they’ll be gone before the first snow.

The last thing I want to show you are my mature Lilac bushes (trees?). In California, where I was raised, I never saw Lilacs grow bigger than a big bush. Here in Vermont they grow into huge trees. When we lived in the Hope House near the village the trees were two stories high. My bushes here are only about a story high, but very bushy. They are true lilac color, which I like, but not as much as I like the dark color – which is why I dug up the Lilac above. I wanted a darker one too. Any way here are my wildly growing Lilacs that protect us from the road dust. Click on the picture if you want to see the flowers more clearly.


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Sue Schlabach June 2, 2014 at 10:38 am

Nice words about Sara! And I have a soft spot for those dark lilacs too.


Cindy June 2, 2014 at 2:29 am

Lovely. “Almost” makes me want to go dig up my garden. (Not very good at it myself).


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