I was planning on releasing Bohemian Catastrophe today, right in time for a Valley News article that is supposed to come out tomorrow. But I blew it. I didn’t factor in enough time for some of the vital steps. Such as copy editing. So rather than put out a book I’m not 100% ready to put out, I’m waiting a few days.  If you are waiting too, you can join my newsletter list and I will send you a notification on release day.  And don’t worry, I only send out about two notifications a year, and I promise not more than one a month.

Meanwhile: cover art!!

Edited to Add.  It’s up now!!!  And paperback should be available in a day or two:   Kindle click here.  Or send me a note.  I can get you a signed copy or a pdf for your nook, or whatever.  Plus, the kindle book is free Wednesday and Thursday, 2/22 and 2/23/2017.


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It’s easy.

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I can’t think of a good title for this post, so you can make up your own. Really, have at it. Call it anyting you want.

I have stopped listening to the news. I get a tidbit here and there, but I only find it depressing and I can’t think of a good reason to torture myself. I get on the phone and call the people those I trust reccomend, but that’s about it. Clearly  competence is no longer a  requirement for high office, so why lament when people unsuited for the positions they’ve been nominated for get in?

To Hell in a handbasket comes to mind.

In other news, a dog ate two of my hens and has been terrorizing the remaining hen and rooster. The owner seems contrite and has stopped bringing her one dog to the stable across the road. But I’ve seen tracks and I do think her other dog has also gotten a taste for chicken. I’m kind of despondent. Those chickens would follow me around. They came when called.

This is why I should not have vulnerable creatures. They become my pets and then I’m upset when they die. Henrietta was small and plucky and laid the cutest little eggs. Lellow was hilarious. My rooster is traumatized and my last hen stopped laying for a while.

I can’t decide if I should just give the last two away. The dog broke into the barn, and couldn’t get into the hen house, but ripped up the screen and scared the chickens. The bottom of the door is glass and there were paw prints all over it. We’ve shored up the outer barn door, but still. If I knew someone who’d treat them like pets and not eat them, I think I’d give them away. But no one wants a rooster, especially on that’s gone a little off his rocker. Poor guy.

Okay. I must go write.

Tell me what you’ve titled this post. I’m interested.

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I know. Life is not fair. And life doesn’t care that I want it to be fair.

But I think our Government should be fair. It should be governed by people who play the game honorably, make their work transparent and suck it up when they don’t get their way and then work to make it better. In my mind, that is government’s job. That means when a spot on the Supreme Court became vacant, the sitting president, Obama, should have had the opportunity to fill it. That’s what I think. That’s the way it was meant to work.

But the little people in power decided to get what they want, not what is fair or right, or honorable. Don’t even get me started on dishonorable behavior. My God, didn’t these people learn about taking turns in Kindergarten?

Okay, I feel the anger building and I don’t need that. This rant was supposed to wind me down, not up. I just want to type a bunch of four letter words, but what’s that going to do? Nothing. I need to breathe. I need to look at what is in front of me. And call my representatives. Of course I live in Vermont so I’m pretty sure they are already obstructing where needed and supporting where needed.

I’m so effing miffed about what’s happening in North Dakota. Oh hell, I don’t have the energy to write down all the horrid things that are happening. If you want to know, you know. If you don’t, you don’t need me to tell you. Let me just say ARGH!

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A friend of mine, Megan, decided to blog again. Click her name and you can read about why… Go ahead, click it. I’ll be here when you get back.

Done? Megan’s post struck a chord with me. I too like to connect with others by reading about their lives, and by sharing mine. So I decided I would make the same commitment. I may not have much to say, writing wise, or wisecracking wise, (my favorite kind of posts) but I can talk about the day to day.

A little more often.

So back to dogs. If you go here, you can read about my excitement about agility training. (I know, I’m sending you away again.) So I set up a jump in my kitchen – it’s too cold and snowy outside to do it there – and cut up some cooked chicken.  Bacon would have been better but I was too impatient to cook bacon. My jump was a small broom balanced on a pair of snow boots. I should have taken pictures, rats. I have to say, it worked pretty well until Pippin got bored with jumping and started running around the jump. (Obviously, she did not get chicken for running around!!)

Now I’m wondering if there is someone I can ask to make jumps out of PCV pipe for me.  (I know I could make them, I’m just lazy.) and then I’ll need tunnels for her to run through and weaving poles and a dog walk. But I think with the right incentive (bacon) I’ll be able to train her. And perhaps if she has something to do she’ll stop picking on my sweet old Moose dog, who could chomp her in half if he had a mind. I mean really, she weighs 10 pounds and he was 67 at last measure. She grabs his back leg and he cries in pain but never even snaps at her. She doesn’t know how lucky she is. Look at that picture below, he could about swallow her whole.

Dogs. Can’t live without them.