Oh Crud. It’s Tuesday and Bitchy Bertha never checked in. So much for an online presence.

How’s your day going?


We had some sunshine last week. Real, warm, and perhaps it was the time change, but it seemed brighter. Friendly.  It woke me up. And some ideas that have been brewing started to take shape.  I thought I’d tell you about some of these.  But before I do, I know some of you are waiting for Bree – she’s in revisions and barring any unforeseen circumstances should be done sometime in the next eight weeks.  And some of you are waiting for Glimmer Girls. That too will be finished before I start the new stories.

So here you go -my latest ideas:

A plump middle-aged mom turned super hero.  Not that mom’s aren’t already super heroes, but who among us wouldn’t like to have superpowers?

A museum robbery where a museum employee is implicated and must prove she wasn’t involved.

Dilly’s story (from Glimmer Girls) and perhaps more storied set in Mabble. (The village from Glimmer Girls)

Re-tool Tank and Maggie meet the Mob – the things that can go wrong when you kidnap someone’s dog.

The story of a young woman who goes to Ireland after she reads a book about the Cliffs of Moher and is initially disappointed when she doesn’t find mystery and romance.

Murder and mayhem at Edinburgh Castle. Or perhaps Kinfauns Castle near Perth. I stayed there a few days once. I believe it’s a private residence now – mores the pity.


There are more. But which of these strike your fancy?


I was going to title this post weekly update, and then I realized how ridiculous that was and changed it to yearly. If I forget and don’t update you yearly you probably won’t remember and give me a bad time.  However weekly? That’s just asking for trouble.

Today I revised the first fifty pages of the fourth Bree novel. Basically a quarter of the book.  I’m rather pleased with myself because I enjoyed the writing. I could potentially be done with this book before the end of April.  Whoop! Which means that you all should be thinking about titles.

And No, thinking up titles is not my job. It’s your job. So get on it, please. We need a name for this book.

That’s my update.  Everything else is just ice, snow and freezing wind. Oh, and a house that desperately needs cleaning. Nothing new there!

And yes, I’m also working on Glimmer Girls. And yes I promise to finish it. Soon. Very, Very Soon.


Dear Bertha,

I want to build a mud hut in out backyard, but my husband won’t let me on the grounds that it will never get finished and just be a big mud pit in our otherwise boring yard. How can I convince him that I will be able to finish a simple mud hut and it will make our yard more interesting?


Frustrated Builder


Dear Frustrated,

You haven’t convinced me that you can finish a mud hut in your back yard. Does your husband know something that I don’t? Do you have other unfinished projects floating around? If I’m wrong and you are a finisher then you should have plenty of other projects to point at that would convince him. Somehow I get the feeling that you’d like to have a half finished mud pit in your backyard – if just to irritate your husband.

Am I right?




Dear Bertha,

The atmosphere at my workplace has gotten very tense. So much so, that my stomach is starting to give me trouble. People are worried about losing their jobs, or that things might change when new upper management comes in. My job is very stable and there is no reason to think that will change, but the upheaval here is making me uneasy.  What should I do?


Stomach Trouble


Dear Wimpo,

Are you kidding me? What you should do is pull up your big girl panties and get on with your job. I assume by upheaval you mean that there has been some “changes” in personnel. Things are not the same as before. Well suck it up. Block out the upheaval as much as possible. Be bloody thankful that your job is not at risk, and don’t commiserate with the BooHooers. I don’t know how many times a day I have to say this – Your happiness is in your hands, no-one else’s. Take care of it.

Life is change. Get used to it.


Bitchy Bertha