From what I’ve heard, if I want to make it as an author I’ll have to push myself out of my comfort zone. In other words I need to connect with people I don’t know and push myself into situations that expand my boundaries. I’m doing that next week.

I need name recognition and not just in New England. I need people to see my face and name all across America. Kind of scary, huh? To these ends I volunteered to be a model for a spread in First Magazine for women. I’m not sure how many of us there will be, five, I think, or maybe six. But they are going to take pictures from when we were little and use that as inspiration for a new hair color. As I was very blond when I was little this should be interesting.

So next Wednesday, I will leave the house at 3am, drive to Albany, New York, and get on a train for the Big Apple. (Does anyone call NYC the Big Apple anymore? probably not.) From the train station I will need to take a taxi to the photo shoot. (It makes me giggle to think of myself and a photo shoot in the same sentence!) I guess I could take the subway to the shoot, but as I’m already nervous about getting there I’ll take a cab. Once there I will be my usual charming self – which means I will fight my natural shyness and try to interact well with others.

I will try to smile nicely for the camera and hide my double chin. And if the other ladies are nervous I will do my best to make them laugh. It’s hard to be nervous and laugh at the same time. I find one of the best cures for nerves is to focus on the people around me, not on myself. And as it’s likely that I will have worked myself up to the point of nausea by that time I’m really going to have to focus.

Then it will be over and I’ll get to go home. Another two and a half hour train ride and a three hour drive. Fortunately it’s unlikely I’ll be nervous for that part. Except maybe getting from the studio to Penn Station. I hope a taxi will stop for me. I’ve seen all these movies where the protagonist can’t get a taxi. I’d hate to be stuck in Manhattan.

After that it’s the long wait for the magazine to come out. And hoping a few people will see that I’m an author and will pick up one of my books. It’s worth it to give up a day of my life for that, right?

Really I will probably have a blast once I’m there. I like new experiences. But until I get there… well as I’m writing this it’s over a week away and I’m already nervous. Just think how bad it’ll be when I leave the house at 3 am. I hope I don’t get so nervous that I take a wrong turning. That would be bad.

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Julie January 8, 2011 at 5:18 am

You can totally do this! How exciting!!! Just keep thinking of us, and how we are with you in spirit, and how all those odd things that you notice will go into future books and future blog posts.
I’ve never heard of this magazine (but that’s because I live in a cave, it’s not you, it’s me), but I am going to buy a copy when “your” issue comes out.
Yay Kate!


Anna (Irish Betty) January 7, 2011 at 12:30 pm

That’s awesome that you’re doing the photo shoot!!! You’ll do fine in Manhattan. I’ve never had any trouble getting a taxi there (and I’ve seen those movies, too), so I’m sure it’ll be great.

I can sympathize with fighting the natural shyness. As much as I love people, meeting new people is absolutely nerve-wracking for me. Unless, I already know someone in a crowd scene, I become very withdrawn. But it sounds like you know how to combat it, so yay for you!!!

Have a great time!! 🙂


Delia January 7, 2011 at 12:00 pm

FGBVs to you Kate. I understand, if I’d written this post, it would have been almost identical. Except maybe a little more worry about hailing a cab as I’ve never done so.

Hurray for you, though, for putting yourself out there! That’s strength.


Lora January 7, 2011 at 8:42 am

How cool! I got my grandma a subscription to First for her bday so I’ll be sure to check you out!!!

BTW: All you have to do to get ahead as an author is write that genius book about the girl with the mermaid “disorder”….it was warm, engaging, and funny–like you! And I won’t even insist on borrowing my grandma’s copy. I’ll actually buy one of my own!


Kate January 7, 2011 at 11:12 am

It is kind of cool! If only I wasn’t so nervous about NYC. I could go stay at my cousin’s place in Brooklyn, but that’s almost worse because I have to be social when I’m nervous and I’m not good at that.

I wish all I had to do was write! The mermaid story is for all intents and purposes done. Just needs a little tweaking. But so far I’ve only got rejections on it. Which means I need to keep writing mysteries that aren’t. Which is okay, because I like those too. I just long for the days that I don’t have to work AND write. Wow, listen to me meeping! I’ll stop now.


Lora January 7, 2011 at 4:00 pm

Then the publishing industry needs to WAKE UP. I usually don’t go in for the whole my-book-isn’t-getting-picked-up-cuz-agents-r-dense argument. For example, agent density isn’t why MY book isn’t getting picked up but it sure is why YOURS isn’t. It hasn’t met the right agent. Please please please keep pushing it and querying it!
The world needs your book.


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