So y’all have been taking the survey and the results are pretty interesting, but I took an unexpected walk the other day and got to thinking, as one is apt to do on long walks – especially when one doesn’t have one’s music to listen to – and I came up with another nickname for Hammie! I’m brilliant. Or maybe not, so I’m doing a new poll and I hope you’ll chime in again. It’s easy and fun, after all.

So the new nickname? Hammer! What do you think? Think of all the situations where Bree could say “It’s Hammer time!” (Do any of you remember that? Would it be too¬†obscure?) How about “Bring the Hammer.” If you all like it then I’m thinking of having Bree call him Hammer in public but Hammie when she’s being affectionate. I’m not sure about this though. I’d love to hear your thoughts so comment away. And leave me messages on the poll. It makes me feel special.

Oh, you wanted the results from the poll. Yeah. So here they are:

I love me some Hammie – 45%

Call Him Hambecker – 5%

Beck or Becker works for me – 40%

Rick worked for Casablanca – 10%

And a new poll – Just for you!

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Julie June 30, 2012 at 3:34 am

Walks DO do that don’t they?!

and noted.


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