Oh Hell, I’ve got Nothing

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Why is it when I’m driving and obviously can’t write blog posts I have a million IDEAS, but when I’m sitting at my computer my mind goes totally blank.  I think it might be because the TV is on full blast in the next room. I think they told me the movie is Sholin Jump – or something like that.

All I know is that I don’t understand the Asian language blasting through the walls but it’s disruptive just the same. Not because it’s Asian. French at this volume would be just as annoying – and I can understand about every five words spoken in French.

At 9 pm I’ll start yelling that I’m trying to go to sleep, and if I’m lucky the set will get turned off at 11:00.  That’s the way things work around here. But that’s okay. I’ll get my revenge by eating the last of the ice cream. And I’ll take the rest of the cheesecake to work tomorrow. Of course they’ll never know why the ice cream is all gone, but I will – and that’s what counts. Not great for correcting behavior though.

So unlimited internet usage has it’s ups and downs. I love being able to stream videos. And so does everyone else. At the top of the volume range.

No, don’t explain my options or solutions to this problem in the comments. If I fix the problem I no longer get to complain. Just sayin’.


Here’s dog pictures to make up for being such a crank, when in doubt add dogs…

canstockphoto8294745 shampoo-dog-2671365 dreamstimezoom_30338959

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BarbN May 29, 2014 at 1:24 pm

Oh, me, too. I’ve also had a million ideas for blog posts that turn into dust when I sit down to type them out. In fact, I just did that five minutes ago. I’ve only blogged three times in the past five weeks and they were all three totally dumb posts, just because I couldn’t think of anything to say and it felt like I should (after weeks of absence) post something. Blecch. Hope you get the volume problem solved soon. Maybe TV ears? 😉


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