Oh Hell, I don’t know

in Entertaining nonsense and profound thought

It’s only just Friday morning.  A minute ago it was still Thursday night, and of course I’ve only just realized that I haven’t written a blog post. I had two or three topics occur to me during the day, but I was busy digging trenches for the dog fence and promptly forgot them. What can I entertain you with today? Hmmm.

Well I can tell you that there will be a Merman in Glimmer Girls named Orin Torkieno. Oh I can also show you what he might look like. That’s always fun:

I thought those were a nice representation of what I was thinking of.  Although his eyes aren’t blue so much as grey/green. But you can’t have it all, can you? I mean you just can’t expect a human to look like a merman. Well at least I think not.

I may have already shown you this picture. It’s the town of Clavelly in England. It’s the place I was thinking of when I started writing about Mabble.

Here’s another place that seems to fit Mabble:


You can see a bunch more images here. It’s my Pinterest Board for Glimmer Girls.

So is that enough for a post? It’s short, but full of images. Images are better than words anyway. If I could paint my stories I would. No talent with a paint brush. Oh well. Have to write them. Happy Friday.

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