I’ve hired a cover artist to do new e-book ┬ácovers for the Bree MacGowan Series so that they have a cohesive look. So of course I’m putting up a poll so that you can vote on your favorites. I’m really excited about these covers, so I’m not waiting until Wednesday to post. I’m far too impatient!

Covers A1 and A2 show how the style will be cohesive across all the Bree titles. The other Covers are examples of other styles. Which ever style I end up choosing all the books will get a similar treatment so that they have a cohesive look. I’m posting a poll – of course – so vote and comment to your heart’s content!

I apologize for the layout. No matter what I do, I can’t make Cover E behave. It keeps showing up all out of order and in strange places. It’s very difficult, and now I’m too tired to try and make it stay put any longer.

Edited to add. Apparently I can’t get the poll to work either. I don’t know why WebEngage isn’t working for me, but screw it. You’ll just have to vote in the comments, as disappointing as that is.

Cover A1 Cover A2



Cover B Cover C



Cover D

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