Many of you know that the Bree book I’m writing now is a caper. A caper is defined as “an activity or escapade, typically one that is illicit or ridiculous.” This is what came up when I googled “Define Caper.”

I can’t find where I originally read this, but one feature of a caper can be the accumulation of characters as the plot progresses, so that by the end you have a crowd of people chasing each other around. Well that’s one sort of caper anyway.

So here is where you can help me. Is it funnier to have Bree followed/chased around by a load of men, or should some the characters be women? What do you think? Does equality win out over humor? Or is it just as funny if some of the crowd are women?

I do hope this question is too not terribly politically incorrect. Of course it is is sexist. Why shouldn’t women be as funny as men? Ugh. I’m socially clueless. Maybe what you should tell me instead is how to think correctly. Obviously I can make women funny. Look at Bree and Meg…

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Cindy Jones August 27, 2014 at 1:10 pm

I think it depends on motivation. If all the men are chasing her because they think she’s hot (or that’s why Bree thinks they’re chasing her) and she’s stymied by all the (unwanted) attention, that could be funny. If everyone has a different motivation for chasing her, it might be funnier with both men and women (& children?) (maybe). They could have bizarre reasons for chasing her. Look forward to reading this. Donald E Westlake’s caper novels are some of my favorites.


Sue Schlabach August 27, 2014 at 9:32 am

Hmmmm, I think you’d make the gang funny whether all men or all women, so don’t sweat it. Pick one and run with it!!! (And have Bree run away from it). Maybe it could be a gang of children 🙂 I’d run.


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