We’ve discussed this to death. You know the rules – take off on a song title, tweaked into a book title. Should include location, but truthfully, I’m kind of giving up on that. It’s not making for a great title.

There are a ton of these, and many of them are really, really bad, but I’m so blinking brain dead I can’t even cull them down. It’s up to you, so if one or two pop out at you as being okay – Please say so.

Moonlight  Murder

Moonlit Murder

Murder by Moonlight

Curl Up & Die

Walkin’ in Murder
Death In The Land of Maple Syrup
Hot Death In The Country

A Whiter Shade of Dead

The Night The Bulgarian Died
Murder on My Mind
Dead Body Blues

Upper Valley State of Dead

Little Murder of Mine
Murders are Made of This
In the Kill of Vermont
Darling, You Slay Me

The Dead of the Night
Ain’t too Proud to Kill
In the Murder Hour
Ain’t No Murder Dead Enough
A Death in the Life

Last Train to Snarksville

Dead in the boondocks

Murder on my Mind

Getting Deader

Dead the night before

The streets of South Royalton

Ticket to Die

I am the Dead Man

Murder Murder Bang Bang

Murder a So Ro

Last Night in So Ro

Heard it from the dead guy

Baby I want you dead

Kind of a Drag when you’re found dead on the floor

South Royalton Dead

Last Dead in So Ro

Last Train to deadsville

Man of Murder

My Home town Murder

Not one murder more

Poetry in Murder

save the last death for me

death’s the name

dead river valley

Pocket full of murder

Will you kill me tomorrow

dying in the rain

last night was made for murder

If you don’t kill me right now

Murder over the mountain

Build me up buttercup

Dead on the corner

Bulgarian Assassin in Vermont

Hot Death in the Sumertime

To know you is to kill you

Hazy Shade of Dead

Baby You’re a Dead Man

South Royalton kind of Dead


At this point I’m ready to shoot myself. There ARE a couple I like. But I’m not telling you until later. Where are Marly and R when you need them?


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