Moonlighting in Vermont: First National Review!

Click here to view the review from FIRST for Women Magazine: 1126 YDAB

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Shawn Trahan September 8, 2012 at 7:32 am

I feel guilty. I don’t think I was suppose to read this book. After doing so I think I have a better insight into my own wife’s mind. This she won’t appreciate.  

For someone like me, I typically read historical novels that take place hundreds/thousands of years ago that primarily involves large groups of men killing each other.  I don’t read mystery novels.  I only read this one because it takes place in Vermont, and my wife and I were born and raise there.  Additionally, most of my historical/war novels are written by men, so I seldom get a female perceptive on life.  Ms. Kate George has given me some of this.  I think I’ve learn more than I should have, but it is satisfying to know that my wife also shares some of the main character’s, Bree, quirkiness. I suspect a lot of the author is reflexed in Bree.

Now I’ve done the next worst thing–gotten the second book.  Please don’t tell anyone.  Many thanks to Ms. George for the insight, and for helping to bring Vermont to life.

A transplanted Vermonter,


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