Manic Monday: Day Light Saving: The Cold from Hell

in Entertaining nonsense and profound thought

Big Bitchy Bertha is home sick today.  And also she’s insulted that no one ever asks her questions. She’ll be back next week.

I am also home sick today. My second virus in two weeks. Can I just say that being sick sucks? It’s vrry, vrry hard to write when your head is filled with cotton batting. And I keep spelling words wrong. I’m not sure if that’s the pressure in my head or my fingers going on strike.

You may have noticed we’ve stopped posting many book launches etc here. I will explain, but really the thought of trying to do that now gives me a huge head ache. I’ll do it later. It could be much later.

Would anyone like to join me in the anti – day light saving movement? It is, in fact, ludicrous. And really ruins one week a year.  Yes, I know it’s only supposed to take one day to recover from an hour time change. It takes me a week. Just leave the damn time alone. That’s my rallying cry. At least until I get rid of this stuffy head and can think of a better one.

I am still alive. And thinking of you – if not very clearly.

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Julie March 10, 2015 at 2:31 am

I’m in! (Daylight savings doesn’t.)

Also, hope you feel better soon.


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