Looking for the Impossible, or maybe that’s the Improbable

in Entertaining nonsense and profound thought

I’ve spent the entire day watching movies – looking for my hero. Not just any hero, mine. Richard Hambecker. Yeah, not asking for much am I. But the sad thing is I didn’t find him. Hours and hours of movies and no Hambecker.

Maybe it’s asking too much. Actors are but mortal men. Richard Hambecker is exceptional.

However it did just occur to me that I should watch RED again. Bruce Willis in that movie may have a few characteristics I’m looking for. Tough guy falls in love. So other “hit man in love” movies might serve to help me flesh out what that looks like. Of course Hambecker is probably 30 years younger than Willis, but hey the idea is there.

Don’t my mental processes just astound you? They do me…


A slightly older Hambecker.


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