Kickstart 101 – Glimmer Girls

in Public Service Announcement

I’m going to Kickstart Glimmer Girls (you remember, the Mermaid book).  I don’t know if it’ll work. I’m not famous. I don’t have thousands of followers, or even hundreds of followers for that matter. But maybe, just maybe, it’ll catch on and I’ll be able to generate enough interest for the advance sales to act kind of like an advance. Also, if enough people become interested there’s always the possibility that a publisher would be willing to do a hard cover edition.

Do you see what a dreamer I am?

I never did Kickstart my neon*Airstream art installation. Although some kind soul did point out that if I painted Airstream Trailers in Periwinkle and Apple Green I’d be reducing their value. To that I say I’d be reducing their RESALE value to classic Airstream Trailer collectors. I’d bet good money that there are people out there who would die for an out of the ordinary Airstream.

Back to Glimmer Girls. If you are interested in being part of the whole advance sales thing then head on over. There are various options starting at $5.00. And I’ll try to make sure there is some added value in there somewhere. The problem is making sure the added value doesn’t cost more than it’s priced. Also if you think of any other “rewards” that would motivate readers to spend a few dollars – pass ‘em along. I can always add stuff.

Here’s the link:  Glimmer Girls Kickstarter

*Neon is a misnomer. I just couldn’t think of another short and classy name. The trailers were going to be painted in metallic paint colors that make me happy. Maybe I should have called it the Happy Airstream Trailer Park.

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