Kelly Macdonald – My New Girl Crush

in Entertaining nonsense and profound thought

Yes, it’s true. I’ve developed another girl crush. I am the most awful Fan Girl. It’s just that Kelly Macdonald did such a great job on Brave, where she preformed the voice of Merida. I loved brave. I especially love Kelly’s Scottish accent. And her inflection. ¬†So I looked up movies she’s acted in and watched Decoy Bride (Didn’t I ‘review’ that for you recently?)

The quotes around ‘review’ indicate that I know I’m a lousy reviewer. I’m more like a comment writer than a reviewer!

Now I have Gossford Park waiting for me at home.

Is it possible to be in love with someone’s voice?

Not only does Kelly have ¬†fabulous voice/accent/inflection I love the emotion that plays across her face. She’s quite a good actress, in my estimation, and should be getting bigger parts. Although Merida is the lead in Brave, so I guess she is getting bigger parts. Also she’s one of a trio of leads in Decoy Bride. So strike that. She’s getting good parts, she should be more recognized though.

Oh, all right. I’ll stop my fan girl gushing now.

In other news I dreamt that we held a NASCAR race on our property last night. Very interesting.

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