Kate who? A RomCon recap.

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I know, I know, I’ve been largely absent. And I’ve got to say that I should be absent now!

I am utterly and completely exhausted after two days at RomCon. And truthfully there’s more. I’m currently skipping casino night, and frankly I don’t think I’ll make it to Karaoke tonight either. It starts at 10pm.

I will show up to the final brunch in the morning and give away a few more books, and then Toni, Cindy and I will drive back to Denver where they will put me on an airplane and send me home.

I have had more fun than should be legally allowed, and if you are a fan of romance novels I highly recommend this conference. It is ALL about the readers – as it should be – and the authors are here for readers to meet and chat with for pretty much 60 hours straight. Prizes and loot (swag) is given away in staggering amounts and there is much fun to be had.

I’m worn out. I doesn’t help that this hotel spans about 100 city blocks and I’ve had to walk two miles back to my room several times a day on my gimpy ankle. (You think I’m exaggerating?)  But I’m not complaining, it’s all been worth it to meet fans and new readers. Four women came from the UK, and I monopolized three of them for an hour. I would have stalked them to learn all the new slang, but I think they had started to think I’m strange. I enjoyed their company immensely. Hi Louise, Rachel and Jojo!

But Louise, if you’re out there, another good piece of slang for you to use is Epic Fail. It’s for when things go totally balls up.  So when you go to get on the tube and it takes off without you, you can say “well that was an epic fail.”

Cheers everyone, I will now either to sing karaoke or watch a new to me episode of Dr. Who. I’ll flip a coin.

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