Jen Louden Wants to Interview You.

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Jennifer Louden wants to interview you. And she’s doing a drawing so click the link if you want, and go answer these questions for her too. I don’t know why I decided to answer these questions. Perhaps it’s because of something nice that happened to me today. I’ll share about that on Friday. But for now here I go:

Name: Katie McIlvaine. This is who I was for the longest time. More than half my life. At my core, this is who I’ll always be. Kate George is who the world sees, Katie McIlvaine is who I am.

Hometown: For the longest time Auburn, California was what I would say if you asked my home town. Finally, after all these years, it’s South Royalton, Vermont. Where my heart is.
Profession: This is kind of hard. I’m an author, yes. Also a school employee. But what do I think I’m on this earth to do? Weave laughter. Tell tales. Bring feeling and meaning to other people’s lives. A purveyor of stress relief.

Favorite Dharma Book:  (You could translate dharma to mean book that helps you lead a life that is true to your values.) I don’t know that there is any one book. There are many stories of fearlessness and courage. Those are the two attributes I think are needed to live authentically. Many people are role models.

Deepest Wish: World Peace? Deepest wish for myself? That I would learn to live ever more authentically. That I will be able to get my kids braces. That I will come to peace with myself.

Mantra:  Well, fuck me.  No that’s not right.  Don’t Postpone Joy -and- Life Rewards Action. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

(I can’t seem to pick just one thing for any of these questions. What does that say about me?)

Superpower: Splintering Reality. Sometimes I can also put it back together.

Favorite quote: We don’t need no sticking badges.

My heart is open when I: allow myself to be seen. When I open myself to true joy and sorrow. When I laugh and cry with other beings.

Okay that’s mine. How about you? Will you answer the questions, if not for Jennifer Louden, then for me?

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