It’s an Email Tsunami

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I don’t even know where to start this post. The number of email accounts I have? The number of emails I get in a day? The black hole that waits for me when I start reading and following links?

Here’s an example: I get updates from Jennifer Crusie’s Blog, Argh Ink. Hell, I get updates from all kinds of people, but Jenny Crusie is fun to read, and also informative – and I learn things that have the potential to make my writing better. So far so good. And then I read the comments. I’ve gotten to know the people who leave comments on Jenny’s blog and it’s like a huge random conversation with all your friends at once.

What’s not to love.

But then someone posts a link. It looks interesting, and I follow it. In this case, it was to Alisa Burke. She paints big. It looks like fun to me. I start planning to paint my bedroom wall. An hour disappears, and then another as I hop from post to post, learning what I can from her. I can do this, I think. And why didn’t I keep working as an artist?

Meanwhile, I am neither working on my book nor my blog.

This is one email out of several hundred I get in a day. Can you imagine? I have a work email for each of my day jobs, a family email, my official author email, assorted emails for when I want to test a theory or be anonymous. Come to think of it, in one of my day jobs I have two email accounts.

I TRY to only read the important email. Unfortunately, to find the important emails, I have to find them. And that means sorting through some pretty interesting stuff. I am not good at ignoring interesting stuff. I am one of those people who sees something shiny and chases it until something shinier and more interesting catches my eye and then I forget the first thing and start after the second.

No, there is nothing wrong with my attention span. I am excellent at focusing. It’s just that I sometimes focus in the wrong direction. Okay, maybe not wrong. Just not the most productive direction.

And that is why, on top of the 55 hour work week, I am not getting much blogging or writing done.

If you see me out and about in cyberspace, chasing some shiny thing, feel free to remind me that my books and blogs are waiting. Who knows, I might even listen.

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