I Survived Thanksgiving

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I’m not usually very thankful on Thanksgiving. Last year I had just broken my leg. The year before that was okay except we didn’t get our seats at the NYC parade and had to watch the parade hanging off buildings and standing on tiptoe. Most Thanksgiving I have to cook this huge meal and that’s a lot of responsibility for me. I’m easily distracted which for some reason doesn’t go well with cooking.

And for some reason I resent being in the kitchen making food while everyone else is sitting on the couch watching the parade and the dog show. This year I watched more of the parade and dog show and we ate later. Not perfect – there was some complaining about being hungry.

I’ve gotten better at not taking on the stress. If people want a feast they are just going to have to feed themselves snacks until it’s ready.

It’s such a fight to get anyone to help cook that I’ve given up. I told my DH this year that if he wanted homemade candied yams that he’d have to figure that out. He bought canned candied yams. (I smiled a secret smile at that one.)

I bought a largish Turkey Breast this year because I didn’t want to feel obligated to remove all the meat from the turkey carcass and then have to cook soup that no-one will eat. I like it, but even I can’t get through a huge pot full of soup. So I let that go. We like the breast meat best anyway.

I made two kinds of the pie the day before – pumpkin, the family favorite, and dairy free chocolate. Not that any of us need to be dairy free, but it’s a great recipe by Alton Brown that I really like. Rich. Yummy. Here I’ll give you the link so you can make it if you want. Don’t be put off by the tofu. All you taste is chocolate. (PS. I use Mocha Kahlua, it ads to the richness.)

I’m sorry I didn’t think to take a picture of our table so you could see the feastiness. Okay, that’s a lie. My table was not pretty, I’m not unhappy that you don’t get to see it. So instead I’ll tell what I made:

turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed garlic and dill potatoes, rolls, green beans with bacon, candied yams from a can with marshmallows on top, cranberry sauce, Chocolate pie, pumpkin pie. Hmmm, I think I’m missing something.

Oh well, you get the idea. I made food. And I didn’t lose my shit until the very last minute when my blood sugar crashed as I was trying to get the last minute details finished while everyone else was watching football. I ate food, recovered and we managed to rally. By that I mean I rallied and everyone else forgave me for being pissy.

Next is Christmas (which I cook for before the day so I’m not spending the day cooking while everyone else plays.) If I can get through that then I’ve got another ten months before I have to do another feast.

So there you have it. I survived.

I’ll work on being thankful next year.

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Skye December 2, 2013 at 4:20 pm

Yay for survival! Boo for no one helping you! I was made a sous chef by the time I could wield a knife safely, say about 11 or 12. Sorry no one helps. Certainly it makes creating the feast a chore rather than a fun thing. I am very glad you survived.

What my mom and grandma and I did for xmas was buy a bunch of interesting frozen appetizers and prepare them for Christmas. And Christmas Eve was always homemade chili with beans.


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