Hurricane Sandy vs The Willow – Prefight Analysis

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We are used to storms up here in the frozen north. We get ice storms, snow storms, thunderstorms. But hurricanes? Two in as many years? Bizarre. Last year, before Irene hit I was worried about our willow tree coming down on the house in the wind. We didn’t get any wind. This year I don’t think we are going to be that lucky.

Here again is the tree. I took this picture this afternoon:

Notice that the tree towers over our house. Our house is not little. It has a full basement that’s tall enough that we have to walk up steps to our first floor porch, it has two full floors of living space and then it has an attic. This is not a squat little house, but the tree is even taller. (Although it kind of does look like a squat little house in this picture. Take my word for it – it isn’t.)

My husband told me today that we should have taken the tree down years ago if I was worried it was going to fall on the house. But I like the tree. I don’t want to cut it down, and the only times I worry about it falling is during storms. And so far it’s done a pretty good job of hanging in there. Although several years ago the top came down during a snowstorm. Can you imagine, it was even taller than it is now. Amazing.

While I’m on the subject of amazing plant life I’m going to show you a picture of my Forsythia Bush. I have hacked this thing down to the dirt several times. By the end of the summer it always looks like this, or even taller. It’s like the Forsythia that someone poured Hulk juice on. I’m not even sure what to do about it.

It would be great if I could move it somewhere else, but I’d need a bulldozer, or some other huge piece of machinery to dig the sucker out. And we’d have to dig a ginormous hole somewhere to replant it. It annoys me because it is the bush that won’t be tamed. And it brushes against my bedroom window when it’s windy, and sometimes when wild animals such as bears and raccoons decide to crawl under it. But you know, it seems really stupid to cut down a bush that’s thriving, especially when so many things don’t thrive here. I’ve lost more plants than you can shake a stick at. My blueberry bushes just disappeared without a trace over night. They weren’t big or anything, but gone without a trace? Jeez, give me a break here.

So anyway, before I stick in the picture of the monster Forsythia, I’ll just say “stay tuned.” When the wind and rain die down I’ll take another picture of the Willow and we’ll see who won the fight!

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