Help, I need somebody – The Beatles

in I need you

I need you guys. And it would be great if you would tweet and FB this because I really, really need a title for this book.

You know the deal, right? The titles in this series are song titles that have been tweaked. Moonlight in Vermont became Moonlighting in Vermont. California Dreamin’ Became California Schemin, and I was going to call this book New York Kind of Dead, but a smart woman pointed out that not enough of it takes place actually in New York. So now I’m stuck looking for another title. And to make it even harder I think it needs to have a place name in it too. Upper Valley Kind of Dead? Maybe it has to be a state. Vermont kind of Dead? That’s stretching the connection to the song a little far.

We’ve been here before, haven’t we?

Well as I get closer to being actually done, I’m getting more and more desperate. So I’m sending this out into the universe hoping some clever person will take up the challenge, find a song title and adapt it.

Pertinent details? It’s a murder mystery set in Central Vermont. The dead body is found in a hair salon. Hambecker and Bree become reluctant partners in finding the killer.

Okay people, send me your ideas. I don’t care how lame you think they are!

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