Is it wrong for me to want a Hedgehog? Maybe the question is why do I want a hedgehog? I had a hamster once. His name was Timothy Clover. He died rather suddenly when our poodle scared him to death. How different would a hedgehog be? Just a slightly larger rodent. Right?

Someone had better tell me that hedgehogs are not somehow magical creatures that will inspire my writing. Because Lawdy how I want one. They are so dang cute. Now I have to go search out a picture of Timothy Clover to see how cute he was. Because Timothy Clover’s life was short, and I’m pretty sure if Moose got hold of a hedgehog it’s life would be even shorter.

Someone save me from myself!

A very out of focus Timothy Clover.

I won’t even tell you how much time I spent looking for photos of Timothy Clover. And I am supposed to be writing a book! ¬†But when I finally found Timothy I also found Molly Brown. The furious beast that scared Timothy to death. RIP. As you can see I took really bad pictures.

With Molly is my friend Janet. I haven’t seen her for maybe ¬†forty years. But I wonder what happened to her all the time. Partially because I was rotten and I owe her an apology. If you are out there anywhere Janet, I am sincerely sorry that I was such a twit when I was twelve. You were a great friend and deserved better.


Can I have a hedgehog now?

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